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The  Floyd Amateur Radio Society has one repeater.  The repeater is located  at the Floyd School Admin Offices on Harris Hart Rd. in Floyd.  It is on the  frequency of 147.210 with a tone squelch of 114.8/114.8 as all the repeaters in Floyd County do.  This  repeater is a Yaesu DR-1x that is set for AMS in and out.   AMS is automatic mode select, if you are talking on analog or FM voice you will hear FM voice.  If you are talking with the digital side of Fusion the same, digital in and out.  However, if a digital conversation is going on and a party wants something they can wait for the pause between transmission and key the mic.  At that point the say your callsign and the repeater is in FM now and also kicks the digital users to FM.  It is a slick system and very useful for all kinds of "stuff"!
  Next the signal goes out to the  duplexers which are Decibel Products DB-201.  The "cans" are used 3 for transmit  separation and the other 3 are for receiving.  The antenna is a DB something or  another and works great.  The antenna is at the 8o to 100 foot level.
The County of  Floyd is letting us use the tower free of charge and supplies the power and  emergency power from a generator outside the building.  That is an Onan and  works well.  When we made up the MOU with the County, they let some things slide  I was sure they would change, so we have the building to our selves and also the  tower.  However, we also have all of the maintenance to do on the building and  tower. 
Another repeater in Floyd is located in Willis in Emmanuel Road and  is hosted by Howard Morgan W4DUM.  This repeater is on 442.900 + with a tone of  114.8 and has the call of N4USA.  (N4USA is the callsign for the Foundation for International Amateur Radio Services or FAIRS.  A great 501C3 non proffit orginaztion.) 
The repeater is made out of 2 Motorola CDM-1550LS+ (donated by Tom King W4VZH) into  a CAT 200b (donated by Russ Abbey KG4MAV) out to the duplexers.  The duplexers are also Decibel Products and  from there it goes through about 60 feet of 7/8ths inch hardline to a DB products 408 loop dipole and seems to be working OK.  The new tower is up at Howard's and the  antenna is up at the top at 40 feet.  The W4FCV Digi for Winlink 2000 is also up and running from Howard's place. The digi is on a frequency of 145.510.

The other repeater in the County is set on 443.350+ with a PL of 114.8/114.8 and is at Russ N4MAV's place in Terry's Fork area of  Check.  It is also a Yaesu DR1x, the duplexers are a set of Wacom duplexors. They are fed with about 35 feet of 1/2 inch hard line to an 8 bay folded DB-408 dipole at about 25 feet off the ground.  I am using this mainly for finding bugs  in systems as I build them, but eventually I would like to link all three  repeaters together or on demand. 
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